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Potato Head Folk | Singapore

“Searching for some serious good pub food in Singapore? Look no further than Potato Head Folk”

The masterminds behind renowned Potato Head in Bali have opened their first international venture Potato Head Folk (click here).

Stretched out over 4 levels, Potato Head Folk plays on the historical connotation of the 1939 building .With whimsical murals, sailor boys and a checkered winding staircase that leads up to a tiki style garden rooftop, Potato Head Folk has created a fun and playful experience for evening cocktails with some serious good eats.

Potato Head Folk Rooftop Bar

While items on the menu are a little on the expensive side (even for Singapore’s standard) their innovative flair for cocktails and great food makes up for the final bill.

What we ate:

Smokin B-Boy – Prime 120g beef patty, double applewood smoked cheddar, Dingley Dell beer & treacle cured bacon, BBQ ketchup, smoky mayo & crisp onions in a demi brioche bun.

Baby Huey – Prime 120g beef patty, cheese, lettuce, ‘Notorious T.O.M. sauce’, pickles & spiced mayo in a demi brioche bun.

Burning Man – Prime 120g beef patty, applewood smoked cheddar, roasted jalapeño relish, hot ketchup & dashi mayo in a wholemeal bun.

Wing-Its – Crispy, fall o the bone, twice cooked chicken wings, scallions & smokey BBQ sauce.

Naughty Fries*** – Spiced béarnaise, hot beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmesan & sesame seeds.

***These are without a doubt the BEST loaded fries I have ever eaten.

It is worth mentioning that we have eaten here twice now. The first time we ate, it was late at night, very busy and the staff took our order quite swiftly, without asking how we wanted our meat patties to be cooked. They came out extremely rare (and while I love my meat (not patties) cooked medium rare, the burgers became very sloppy and not very appetising as a result.

However, the second experience we asked how the staff recommended to eat the burgers, with their response being most definitely medium to well done, to add texture to the bun.


Putting the price of the menu aside, Potato Head Folk is a fantastic little spot in Singapore. The food (2nd time) was unreal, I cannot speak highly enough about those loaded fries, they were so damn good

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143

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