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Welcome to Krumbled! Keira Rumble (Krumble) is a self confessed food addict, travel writer, certified nutrition & wellness advisor, model, dog mum, and business owner with a passion for living life to the fullest. Her own weight loss journey and nomadic childhood has allowed her to evolve into the go getter she is today, jet setting around the world creating content for brands and readers along the way. Owning a food manufacturing business in Australia, and having a passion for nutrition, Keira strives to show others just how easy it is to encompass a healthy lifestyle no matter where you are or what you are doing #healthyishappy Read more about Keira Rumble below.

Hi everyone,

It’s Keira here.

If your reading this, firstly I’d like to say thanks for taking time out of your day to read this.

Here I want to share with you all my journey. From my little idiosyncrasies as a young little bub, living abroad when I was a child, breaking bones, injury and illness, right through to the creation of www.krumbled.com and krumbledfoods

This is my own little section that I like to call “getting to know Krumble”.

Now, let’s start from the beginning. My parents always described me as the carefree blonde hair, blue-eyed chatterbox. Always making friends with every dog on the street, in the veggie patch picking herbs/planting carrots and always (always) running around.

I took my energy and began to get involved in school sports and after school activities but it wasn’t until my family moved overseas when I was 8 that I began to think of myself to have any sort of talent. The day my dad took me skiing in Sun Valley Idaho for the first time, I was exciting. I instantly felt a connection with the snow, pushing myself to get faster, to get better and to be the best in my family (haha).

It wasn’t until I moved back to Sydney and I was about 10 or 11 that I became infatuated with the skiing. Within a few weeks, my technique and confidence had improved, when a coach spotted me from a chair lift and approached my family about me joining the race team. There went a good 5 years of my life, dedicating it to the snow. Missing the Summer in Australia and chasing the Winter seasons. I was pushed into a very strict regime, with daily training, home schooling, and numerous physio appointments. I lived over in Niseko, Japan & Sunvalley, Idaho (with my grandparents) and trained with their respective race teams. As I grew into a teenager, I began to see the effects of this extreme training and strict eating, constantly being watched over and every turn being scrutinised, my love for skiing, slowly faded. It seems as if my body was just about to give up too, during a competition, I fell, shattered my shin and broke both of my arms, forcing me straight into retirement.

To acclimatise back into normal teenager life, was a lot harder than I thought. Having been home schooled, being away from my family and recovering from serious injuries, I began to look to food as my happiness. Not being able to exercise I started having my own little demons of self-doubt, I came sluggish, I started to get migraines and just didn’t feel normal. Every now and then, my mum would take me to the doctor, with little idea of what was wrong with me, they would just send me home with no answers. I began to think that this was quite normal, to feel constantly unwell with no energy. I ended up finishing my HSC and getting in the high 90’s, got myself into University and I tried to make something out of my life.

It wasn’t until I was half way through my first semester at University, I began to feel increasingly unwell. My mornings where I felt tired, turned into days, I started to binge eat, I was at a complete stand still with being happy.

I then decided enough was enough. What sort of life was I going to have if I felt this crappy? So, I took myself to dozens of doctors, until I finally was diagnosed with a genetic iron overload disease called Haemochromatosis along with being on the verge of diabetic (also referred to as insulin resistant). I was told if I kept on living and eating the way I was, I was going to have diabetes within months.

Literally, overnight, I threw out all of the junk food in my cupboards, started to research how to make naughty food into delicious and nutritious food and put that reality of a healthy life into action. I would love to tell you all that within weeks I lost all of this weight, my life became great. But unfortunately for me, it was a long road to where I am today.

I started to wake up earlier, go for walks, I became obsessed with Bikram yoga, I ate a completely vegetarian diet. I soon began to come up with some seriously delicious recipes. I was working in Real Estate at the time, and I remember my boss always asking what was for lunch, as he was so fascinated with the variety of vegetarian meals I would come up with, not to mention the raw caramel slice I made once a week.

I often thought, maybe people would like to make my recipes? My dream was to become a Donny Hay or Nigella Lawson of healthy food, calling my blog the Veggie Patch Girl. Now, the Veggie Patch Girl name was short lived. Someone close to me also laughed in my face and said that no one would want to read anything like that and that there was no money in food. So I kept on going, just scrapbooking and keeping my recipes for friends and family.

On the health front, I still didn’t feel 100%, so I went back to the doctors to see what was wrong. By this time, I had been given the all clear with my insulin, I had lost approximately 13kgs by that time, (total 25kgs to date). After yet again, numerous doctors, I took myself to a Chinese Doctor, to see if there was anything a little bit more natural I could be doing (of course still taking my prescribed medicine and living under the advice of my original diagnosis of Haemochromatosis). Upon looking at my tongue, he said that I had been completely misdiagnosed and my issue could be fixed within weeks. I being skeptical walked out laughing, but went straight back to my doctor and asked to be retested. Low and behold, it was a complete misdiagnosis, and all medication was to be stopped immediately. (Note: while I encourage you to seek second opinions if you are not 100% happy with your diagnosis, do NOT under any circumstances disregard what your medical practitioner has advised and or prescribed you.)

So once I had my health under check, I began to focus on what made me happy. The only thing I knew for sure that made me happy was still food, but it was about sharing food with not only myself but others and telling my journey through writing and photography. So Krumbled was created. A place that I created as my little sanctuary, that others could enjoy too.

Soon after, I found myself sitting at my then desk job (a highly demanding EA role in an advertising agency) being distracted by recipes, replying to comments, and organising charity events.

I started my little side project called Krumballs, which started out just to help out at a charity launch, within weeks, I found myself being so busy and overwhelmed with the amazing feedback about this product, I quit my job and became devoted to making healthy living easy for myself and others.

You guys can read more about my Krumballs journey here. But for now, let’s get back to what happened next.

I started to expand my website, to include things like my love of fitness, my style and my love for travel. I began to create the Krumbled platform to be a tool to create beautiful content and imagery for not only myself and my audience, but for clients too. I have nearly finished my nutrition course, so I will be able to put my knowledge on paper soon.

I want to express how living a healthy life does not have to be boring, lackluster or bland. Everything is and has to be in moderation! I will devour a pizza when I feel like it, I will have that cocktail (or two) when I feel like it, but I will always, ALWAYS, reassure myself that I deserve to indulge. Travelling is one large factor of what we do now, and while I don’t constantly go on health retreats, I want to show you guys the benefits of traveling, and how traveling and experiencing new things can have a positive affect on your life. Whether it be a sleep in the world’s softest bed, the view from the tallest building in Hong Kong, the clearest water, and the whitest sand, it is about traveling the unknown and experiencing your happiness whatever that might be. Check out my bucket list here to see what makes me tick.

So now, I am sitting here writing this (very long) getting to know me, and I ask myself, so why does my story matter to you?

Well, I truly think that my story comes back to who I am now, and who I was. I was a young, energetic, funny little chatterbox as a girl – I would now describe myself as a slightly older, energetic (very funny) chatterbox. I have found something that makes me happy, I am fortunate enough to have this as my full-time career, to create beautiful content and share with you all. If you take anything away from me, I want it to be to about finding what works for you. We all take our own individual path and it is ok to come up for air and pause and refresh. Just remember that #healthyishappy and make the most of your now.

K x

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