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Keira Rumble is an Australian entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Krumbled Group, encompassing Krumbled Foods and Habitual Beauty. Fuelled by her personal health experiences, a deep passion to help people take care of themselves and live a happy and healthy life, Keira is on a mission to revolutionise the beauty, health and wellbeing industries worldwide. Keira shares the deep moments of life, including business success and her journey to motherhood. 

Keira’s journey to become an entrepreneur began with a pre-diabetic diagnosis in her early twenties. Inspired to change the way she lives, Keira started to look at ‘protein snacks’ and ‘healthy foods’ only to realise that these supposedly healthy alternatives were actually formulated with an unusually high sugar content and therefore provided very little real health benefits. Disappointed by this lack of transparency, Keira decided to do something about it and so, Krumbled Foods was born.

In 2017, with her team of nutritionists and food scientists, Keira and her team were the first to market with a functional collagen snack bar offering an array of beauty and health benefits, aptly named Beauty Bites. Readily available in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in-store at leading retailers, as well as online with worldwide shipping, one Beauty Bite is sold every 15 seconds. The Krumbled Foods brand has an incredibly loyal customer following and online community. 

During the successful launch of Krumbled Foods, Keira experienced a number of personal health and fertility challenges as she began her journey to motherhood. She suffered six miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, was finally diagnosed with endometriosis and a genetic blood clotting condition called Factor V Leiden. Keira then began the process of IVF to conceive and welcome her son, Hunter to the world. As part of this journey, many doctors recommended replacing her existing skincare products with clean, gentler alternatives. Unfortunately, these products did not offer the same results as her cosmeceutical favourites, a frustration she knew she wasn’t alone in, from this Habitual Beauty was born.

As a female founder, Keira is juggling the joys of motherhood, in all its chaotic glory, with her entrepreneurial spirit whilst running two businesses each with new products, expansion and markets on the horizon. At the heart of it all, Keira is here to help you take care of you both inside and out. 

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