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Two Wrongs | Melbourne

Two Wrongs Combines Polar Opposites In Everything It Does

“Two Wrongs definitely make a right”

Enjoying The Moment

Two Wrongs (click here) definitely make a right. This phrase related to this dive bar would be an understatement. Our dining experience was sensational.

The creative minds of Zachary Riggs and Isaac Constantine (think & Le Petit Prince) have brilliantly created fine dining at a dingy American dive bar.

Two Wrongs: A Fine Dining Dive Bar

The interior is adorned with an eclectic collection of Versace, Storm troopers, UV lights, graffiti vandalised renaissance artwork and garbage filled shopping trolleys creating this quirky, odd and inviting venue which is literally ‘two wrongs’.

The all man bartender line-up were extremely helpful, engaging and welcoming. Whether you are there for a culinary delight (think mouth watering pork donuts) or to quench your thirst from their extensive and impressive drinks menu (my fav was the stoned sailor).

Two Wrongs definitely hit the nail on the head with their delicious food, quality drinks and tongue in cheek hospitality.

Mac N Cheese

What we ate:

TRUFFLE POPCORN – Need i say more
A BAG OF CRUNCHY THINGS – Beer, cashew (GF optional)
PORK DONUT FOR TWO – Harissa, grilled peach relish, pecan

CHORIZO – Cuttlefish, cauliflower, lemon (GF)
TRUFFLED MAC N CHEESE – Popcorn, jalapeno, chives (Veg)
MASH N GRAVY – Oxtail, smoked desiree, curd
BEEF TARTARE – Sourdough, cured yolk, nasturtium (DF)
BEEF & BROCCOLI – Shortrib, broccoli,

KINDER SUPRISE – Roast white chocolate, passionfruit, macadamia

LARA BINGLE – Cointreau, Creme De Mure, lemon juice, soda & Smurf Tears
RHYMES WITH ORANGE – Aperol, Campari, Amaro Montenegro, Dolin Rouge, orange bitters, blood orange foam
STONED SAILOR – Sailor Jerry’s Rum, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, smoked glass
SOUTH RAH RAH – House Cucumber Gin, St Germain Elder Flower, mint, lime juice, soda

Pork Donut
Beef Tartare

Standout dishes for me were: the Truffle mac n cheese & mash and gravy. Although, every meal we had was extremely satisfying, carefully and meticulously created from concept to creation I have a soft spot for mac n cheese so this for me was the most memorable whilst the mash and gravy was fluffiest and lightest I have ever had.

Short Rib
Beef & Broccoli
Chorizo + Cuttlefish


I highly recommend you visit this venue to experience first hand,  how unique and delightfully disjointed this dive bar truly is.

Two Wrongs definitely impressed. A must for Melbourne.

Two Wrongs
637 Chapel Street
South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9827 4510

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K x
What did you think of my review? Have you eaten at Two Wrongs before? I would love to hear all your thoughts and comments below.

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