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Late July of this year, I was fortunate enough to join some of Australia’s top insta-babes and bloggers for a weekend adventure at Thredbo with the Emu team! I had pumped myself up for a fun weekend and what really took me by surprise was how gorgeous some of the girls were. I had an awesome time at Thredbo with these talented ladies and cannot wait for our next trip away! What I also didn’t know was just how versatile and snug Emu (click here) boots were!

To the point where I now have them in a rotation in my shoe collection back in Sydney (a way to a girls heart is through a good shoe cupboard right?) The only problem is I can’t quite pick which one my favourite is?

The Girls At Thredbo


Want to see more of my trip? Check out my VLOG here or below!

Snug In my Emu Booties

A massive thank you to Jeep for “pimping” our trip with 2 super cute Jeep Renegades, these bad boys made us get down there safely and in comfort.

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