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Brooklyn Depot | Sydney

Brooklyn Depot

“Walking into Brooklyn Depot, old school hip hop was playing and everyone was in a great mood”

Brooklyn Depot (click here) has made its way down from the sunny Gold Coast to Surry Hills, Sydney. The American style burger joint is bursting with atmosphere and has an abundance of burgers, fries, drinks and nibblies to choose from.

Having just opened up on the Gold Coast only a year ago, Brooklyn made a name for some of the best burgers around town, the owners decided to break into the Sydney market, where burgers and loaded fries are so in trend right now.

Brooklyn Depot

Walking into Brooklyn Depot, the beats and vibe are pretty in your face (in a good way), old school hip hop was playing and everyone was in a great mood. The diner is a mix of catch phrases, booths, neon lights, novelties, painted murals of some of New York’s finest and was filled with heavy American influences (even down to our bubbly waitress who had a thick American voice).

We took a seat in one of the booths, which for myself was fine, but my significant other who is quite larger said it was a tight fit. These are definitely better suited to couples as I would not be comfortable sitting here for a group of four.

At first glance of the menu I noticed there was a lot to choose from and everything sounded so good. So we decided to go for the signature burger and the special.

* I don’t know if having so much on a menu is a good thing or a bad thing. My preference in any restaurant is having fewer items on the menu and really nailing them rather than having lots to choose from and being mediocre.

What we ate:

MAC N CHEESE – Macaroni & 3 cheeses (gruyere, mozzarella, parmesan) baked in béchamel sauce served with crispy bacon bits, garnished with spring onion

BROOKLYN BBQ BOARD – selection of chicken wings, BBQ pork ribs, pulled lamb shoulder, depot slaw, cowboy caviar, served with toasted brioche slices.

BROOKLYN CLASSIC + BACON– grass fed beef, American cheese, oak leaf lettuce, tomato, depot special sauce

FUGGEDABBOUTIT – grass fed beef patty, beef chilli, American cheese, onion rings, chilli relish and a choice of lethal injection hot sauce

Mac + Cheese
BBQ Board

Standout dish would have had to be the Brooklyn Classic, the burger was as you’d expect, it’s a classic, with a soft grass fed patty, dripping with sauce and just enough cheese to melt in your mouth, the bun itself was slightly more dense so it held integrity while eating and of course you have to get it with bacon. The ribs from the bbq board were good but not great, the pork was soft and had a sweet, sweet bbq sauce which was a nice change but I could only eat a few without getting sick.

Brooklyn Classic + Bacon

I wanted to make a little side note about some of the other meals that we had. The mac and cheese was extremely underwhelming, with little to no flavour coming out of the actual dish itself. With the only slight flavour coming from the snippets of spring onion and bacon garnish on top. The Chicken wings were soggy as well, the sauce they were in was tasty but the skin had a quite unpleasing texture.

We were eating during rush hour at lunch, so I question whether these might be cooked differently or longer normally?


This “burgers and more” trend is really taking Sydney by storm at the moment, while Brooklyn depot is a great location and a great atmosphere for after work drinks and a little snack to eat on the side, the menu is quite over-indulgent. For me personally I’d only have a full-blown meal here once in a blue moon.

One In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush


Brooklyn Depot and it’s New York attitude is a really fun and social venue. Whether you’re feeling indulgent or just want a few brewskis after work with friends the Brooklyn gang has you covered.

Brooklyn Depot
65 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 9211 2255

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K x
Do you have a favourite burger at Brooklyn Depot? Have you tried one of their shakes? Have you got any questions? Let me know below.

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