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The Sausage Brothers Interviewing Dr Rob Zammit

The Sausage Brothers & I
 Baxters Interview w/ Dr Rob Zammit & The Sausage Brothers

It isn’t every day that my sausage dogs (The Sausage Brothers on Instagram) & I get to hang out with Dr Rob Zammit. When we were given the opportunity to sit down with Dr Rob (thanks to Baxters Dog Food) to pick his brains about some of his top tips for The Sausage Brothers to abide to, I was pretty excited to say the least. They are my absolute world so to me it’s extremely important they go on to live a long, happy and the healthiest life possible.

Click the Baxters Dog Food video below to see Dr Robs tips for how your pup can live a long, healthy and happy life.

For those of you that haven’t met my little Hercules & Hector, they are pretty special sausage dogs. They are the best of friends with polar opposite personalities who are equal parts naughty, caring and mischievous.


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Human wants to take a nice photo of me, all I can do is look at the bacon she’s hanging over her head 🧐

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Yes Ma did you say something? | Hercules

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Hercules is vey outgoing, loves his morning walks (where you need to have him by the leash) otherwise he’s chasing ducks, loves being being snuggled at any time of the day and is extremely needy but only when other dogs aren’t around.

Hector is a bit more standoffish, who likes his own space but loves his morning walks so he can bark at labs, his favourite past time is eating socks and being cuddled when it suits him.

Baxters Dog Food

What both Hercules & Hector have exactly in common though, is their love for food, (just like their mum). Managing their weight is something that is really important to me but is also something that I struggle with. As any sausage dog parent will tell you they can be extremely persuasive at dinner time.

However a lot of the common problems with Daschunds is directly related to their weight so this was naturally one of the biggest things I wanted to chat to Dr Rob about.

Disclaimer: This video is designed for general information only and features the views and opinions expressed of Dr Zammit. For advice and information concerning your dog, we recommend seeking the advice of your veterinarian.
Dr Rob Zammit BVSc is a respected, well known Veterinary physician based in The Hills area of NSW. Dr Rob is know for his numerous media work on such programs as A Country Practice, Burkes Backyard and 2GB.
Dr Rob Zammit
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