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Bucket List

Everyone needs a bucket list.

My Bucket List. This is my new Places to see & Places to travel list (Edit 2019)

To say that I like to travel is a little bit of an understatement. Combining this with my love for food,  let’s just say if it wasn’t for my little fur babies, I might never come home! Iv’e been incredibly fortunate to see some of the worlds most beautiful destinations so in the words of someone a lot wiser then me;

“Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.” – Jamie Lyn Beatty

I am all about making lists, so I thought it might be a good time for me to pen my bucket list (queue Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson)

To stick to 50 was near impossible, so I have added a few bonus points (just because I can), now, I have already been fortunate enough to do things like Swim with turtles at Heron Island, Go to San Fran and cycle across Golden Gate Bridge, so I have started my list from today, 16th January 2017 – call it my, new years resolution if you like, the year of travel, laughter and food…(my resolution every year I would say!)

In no order whatsoever, here is my bucket list…


Watch the Northern lights

Southern fried chicken in Tennessee

Sleep in an igloo

Sled ride in Alaska

Hold a giant panda in Chengdu

Great wall of china

Swedish meatballs in Stockholm

See Niagra falls

Go to Shirahama beach, Japan

Galapagos Island

Eat Tagine in Marrakesh

Swim at Pig beach

Climb to the top of Machu Pichu

See the Serengeti migration

Go to Egypt and see the Pyramids

Taj Mahal

Go to India and do cooking classes

Petra Jordan

Visit the grand canyon

Antarctica voyage

Visit Easter island

Eat gumbo in New Orleans

Walk through some of Patagonia, Chile’s nature

Have a Bordeaux in Bordeaux

Berlin Wall✓

Go to Auschwitz✓

Terracotta Warriors

Hawaii north shore pipeline

Eat Gelato near Sistine Chapel✓

Yellowstone national park

Greek Islands and eat a souvlaki

Shibuya Crossing

Tibetan monasteries

Morocco – laneway

Eat a baguette in Paris✓

Underwater restaurant in Maldives

Aquarium in Dubai

Go to Uluru

Eat a donut at the top of Empire State Building

Blue grotto, Malta

Hang glide Rio

Swiss alps


Asado in Argentina

Blue lagoon Iceland

Sand dunes Dubai

Sumo wresting

Brazilian jujitsu in brazil

Eat tacos in Mexico✓


The Gahn train ride

Eat Peking duck in Beijing✓

Climb to glacier point in Yosemite

Snow monkey express Tokyo

Conservation game reserve in Africa

Eat brisket in Texas

Yankees game


Bardia National Park in Nepal and see royal Bengal Tigers

Visit Bhutan

Pasta al ragu in Bologna

Eat pizza in Florence✓

Try a deep dish pizza in New Jersey

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