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Oasia Downtown | Singapore

Poolside at Oasia

“Oasia Downtown, is one of the closest things to a living tree house in the middle of a Singapore”

Being one of the newer kids in town in terms of the Singapore hotel scene, Oasia Downtown (click here) is a suburban oasis with a big focus on wellness.

The hotel building is unmistakable. Twenty-Seven storeys of a unique, reddish facade that is cocooned by a living and breathing green vertical garden that can be seen at any angle. A real standout compared to the neighboring concrete commercial buildings of the Central Business District.

Oasia Downtown

Check’n In

I couldn’t help but be excited to finally stay at Far East Hospitality Group’s newest hotel. Oasia Downtown has been in development for the past 6 years.

A new “respite in the city”, Oasia Downtown is really aiming to appeal to the astute business and leisure travelers by focusing on the 3 pillars of wellness “Refresh, Recharge & Refuel” which is apparent throughout the hotel.

Venutruing up to the 12th floor where check in was. As the elevator door opened, a nice cool breeze swept past us (refreshing the mind and senses through the use of the natural draft and clever architecture). We looked out through the 30-metre void of lofty space towards the magnificent Singaporean skyline.

21 different species of creepers grows around the building’s 5 shades of red aluminium mesh
Level 12 Hotel Check- In

This floor had a spacious lawn area and the hotels’ gym. To the right of the lawn area were quaint little cabana-type spaces to relax in. Moving towards the check-in desk (just to the left of the astro lawn area) we were told we were on the wrong level and needed to make our way up to the 21st floor for a club check-in.

alongside living and breathing greenery

The 21st floor was quite different to the 12th floor in the way it was presented. It was almost like we had walked into a tranquil urban jungle. Here, the staff greeted us with ice-cold coconut water (refueling the body) and taken to one of the many lounge areas to relax and sit down for an informal check-in.

Oasis's Club Level Infinity Pool

The alternate 30-metre void of wooden features, splashes of bronze & teal, luscious plants & creepers that embraced different pools was definitely the main attraction for me. The main infinity pool was surrounded by deck chairs and lots of different lounging spaces, my favourite being the picturesque tepee cabanas.

The Room

Our room was on the 25th floor that boasted a lovely view of the Singaporean cityscape and out to the outer residential areas as far as the eye could see.

Designed by renowned Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola, the use of earthy tones of burnt orange (some would say copper) and light timbers created a light filled fluid space in the rooms. The choice of colours and textures of the rooms and corridors represented trunk of a tree.

The bathroom was configured to be somewhat interchangeable, meaning that you could have the sliding doors positioned to create an enclosed space for privacy, or open to bathe while enjoying the view.

Inside our room we found not only a yoga mat (recharge), but also a skipping rope with plenty of modern touches for the astute tech savvy traveller.

Food & Beverage

I wasn’t overly impressed with the club lounge breakfast to be honest. I was in the mood to explore so I thought there would have been better options outside the hotel.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to eat at The Marmalade Pantry apart from a cookie 🙁

Pool & Gym

The hotel offers guests the choice of three separate pools, one being located on the 21st floor purely for club guests and the other two on the rooftop amongst the leisure and garden areas for everyone.

The rooftop pool was a young and hip area for guests to unwind and refresh. The dark wooden deck contrasted the vibrant red brick walls and hanging pod chairs. The staff also told me that the vine and vertical garden would be completely grown within a year, so once this is done this area represented the tall branches and leaves of a tree. Creating an entire living tree-house in the center of the cosmopolitan city.

The gym is on the 12th floor next to the check-in.


  • Magnificent architecture
  • Focus on wellness pillars (refresh, recharge refuel)
  • Eco friendly


  • Limited buffet selection
Just Hangin Around


Our stay at Oasia Downtown Singapore was vibrant and energetic. Their focus on wellness was a nice touch and really helped us rejuvenate before another long trip ahead.

Oasis Downtown
100 Peck Seah St,
Singapore 079333
+65 6812 6900

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Disclaimer: My stay at Oasia Downtown Singapore was provided complimentary in exchange for a review on the Krumbled website. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
Have you stayed at Oasia Downtown before? What’s your favourite far east hotel? If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below.

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  1. This pool looks amazing!!!

  2. This pool looks amazing!!! 🙂 really need to go to Singapore

    1. The Club Level as a whole is amazing, the pool is just the cherry on the top.

      Singapore is one of my favourite cities! It’s so clean, the people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever come across and the architecture is next level cool. You don’t get many place where there are whole levels cut out of building for gardens and living spaces. I wish Australia would adopt some of their designs 🙂

    2. Where else is on your places to go list Annette?

      K x

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