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Reebok Women #PerfectNever Campaign

Reebok Women #PerfectNever

Reebok Women PerfectNever Campaign

In a world were perfection is so highly sought after, many of us face the daily battle with “what if I am not good enough”. The Reebok Women PerfectNever Campaign has gone on a mission to reverse this mindset. (Reebok’s #PerfectNever Campaign)

For me, reflection, positive mindset and goal setting helps keep my head above this doom and gloom cloud most days. Yet, there was a time where I was so far under this cloud I didn’t see much light shining through. That is why, the Reebok Women #PerfectNever Campaign was such a meaningful journey for me to be apart of.

Reebok Women #PerfectNever

#PerfectNever Getaway with Reebok to the Maldives!!!

I was extremely fortunate enough to be invited by Reebok to take the trip of a lifetime to the Maldives. Where I joined a group of incredibly beautiful girls to share our #PerfectNever stories. Over an intensive 3 days, we shared, laughed and cried while all in the most beautiful setting at the W Maldives. The #PerfectNever campaign, fronted by Gigi Hadid encourages women to not only celebrate their imperfections, but be motivated by them, and that is exactly what we did.

Reebok Women PerfectNever Campaign

Over 3 days, we filmed this video and took some incredibly gorgeous imagery. We were each asked to direct the style of content and how we wanted to represent ourselves through the lens. For me, I naturally chose to show how I quiet my mind, through mindfulness and meditation, along with walking along the beach. The beach walk is what I call my nature walk. At home in Australia, I often take my dogs for walks and take the time to truly appreciate my surroundings. These “perfect” shots, portray more than just a photo for me, they reflect my battles with PTSD, physical and mental health and my journey of healing through nature and mindfulness. 

Reebok Women #PerfectNever Campaign

Group Training at Reebok Women #PerfectNever Campaign

This message is so important for women as it invokes a sense of power, to reclaim individuals perception of perfection. With #PerfectNever the campaigns aim is to help women find their own inner quiet and use fitness to rethink their negative thoughts. I am so grateful to have been apart of the incredibly powerful message for the Reebok Women #PerfectNever Campaign to invoke power and personal strength. 

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  1. I am so thankful for you opening up and sharing your story kiera. It is a beautiful one which I know I cannot wait to hear more about it. My sister suffers from PTSD and I know how dark and alone she felt for years on end. I forwarded this to her as soon as I got this in my inbox and she called me straight away to say how much of an inspiration you are. From the bottom on the Handler family thank you for being such a shining star.

    1. Hello lovely Josephine,
      You have no idea how pleased reading this makes me feel. It motivates me and makes me feel more comfortable letting the world know the journey that I have been on.
      You have made my day with this little message <3
      K x

  2. I am so jealous of this trip! Looks incredible. What room did you stay in at the W? I remember seeing something on your IG stories and it was the BOMB . COM!!

    1. Hey Sarah!
      It was absolutely incredible!
      We stayed in the Wow Ocean Escape
      K x

  3. Hey lovely – where is your hat from?

    1. Hey Tina
      It is from lack of color!
      K x

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