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Ancestry DNA Kit Review

So, you want to know more about where you came from?

Well I might have just found the solution you have been searching for! Introducing my AncestryDNA Kit Review.

Arriving in my mailbox, my AncestryDNA kit came in a small parcel (perfect for that gift to your loved one, friend or even yourself!)

I must admit I had seen the ads on TV but I was skeptical of how it actually worked, but I thought hey it’s worth a try right.

Honestly, I am not quite sure what I was hoping for or even expecting. Somewhere deep down I think I was hoping for something a little bit left of centre, being the blonde hair blue/green eyed girl that I am, what if I had something a little bit more than just European?

AncestryDNA Kit

The Kit

The kit itself is pretty straight forward, spit here, seal there, post here, register there. And before I knew it, my kit was off in the mail.

And then what?

Sit put for 6-8 weeks

 My AncestryDNA Kit Results

AncestryDNA Kit Results

So there you have it, no real surprises!

According to the results I am 71% Western European, 16% Irish, 9% English & traces of Spanish and Greek/Italian. I must admit I had never even contemplated having bit of Italian in me (although I really do love pasta so maybe that’s a bit of my Italian side coming out haha).

Having this information has peaked my interest even more. I am now in the process of building a more in depth family tree and wanting further insight into my DNA.

Want to know more about where you came from? Check out AncestryDNA here.

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