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Dry Body Brushing Benefits

Dry Body Brushing

Dry Brushing – Is it really worth the hype?

Short answer. Yup. Dry body brushing, dry brushing skin or dry brushing (whatever the cool kids are calling it now) is totally worth doing.

Long answer: Your skin is your largest organ and just like our kidneys, colon and liver it is an organ of elimination. By introducing dry brushing to your beauty regime, you not only can see and feel the external benefits but internally you will reap the benefits too. So who am I kidding? sign me up right now.

By dry body brushing everyday, you help keep your pores clear and rejuvenate your skin by eliminating dead skin cells.  As we age our bodies become less willing to shed naturally, resulting in that thick dry leather like “old age” skin.

Before you jump on the dry brushing bandwagon, please ensure that you build up your dry brushing. Do not simply go and buy a stiff bristle brush and go to town, you will be red raw.

Also Always buy brushes that are made with natural ingredients. I have popped in a few of my favs for different parts of your body!



By bringing much needed vascular blood circulation back into your body, dry brushing helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and releases toxins, which gives your body that little extra help with discharging metabolic waste (aka your body will start to get back on track and eliminate unwanted toxins).

Tip: once you become a dry brushing guru, step up your bristle game and pick a brush with stronger & stiffer bristles, which will enable deeper lymphatic circulation.


When we think about it, cellulite is a build up of toxins and toxic material in your fat cells. So with the more friction and increase in circulation we give to it, the easier it is for these toxins to break down resulting in smoother skin. I personally have found this to help with my cellulite and making the back of my thighs feel smoother.

The jury is still out on the ‘proven results’ of dry brushing linked with reduction of cellulite. However I find it makes my legs feel and look smoother, plus with the other added benefits what have you got to lose?

Tip: If you brush too hard, you do in fact have a lot of healthy skin to lose, so brush softly people!


I don’t know about you, but taking 5 minutes in the morning with your hands away from your phone or emails does the world of good for me. While you make your way up your body, I take the time to listen to my body. Take a little bit extra time in those areas that need a little more love. Try to start your day off positively. Creating this daily habit daily has really helped me get more in tune with my body plus I then have an excuse to almost make it a ritual with essential oils after my brushing.

Tip: Only brush in the morning, as you will find that you will get a bit of an added energy boost, as your body will be freshly stimulated, so try not to do this at night.


I don’t even want to start to think about how much pollution and toxins our bodies absorb every day (I am sure there is a ridiculous statistic out there – so please share in the comments below!). I love dry brushing because it is the perfect way to exfoliate. Clearing your skin of excess toxins, whether you have covered yourself in perfume (more on that over the next few weeks) or through unavoidable third party exposure (aka smokers walking by). Eliminating these surface toxins, your body has more chance to absorb oxygen, and other fundamental nutrients.

Tip: If you get in-grown hairs, focus a little more on those prone areas + any breakout prone areas on your face (I use 2 different brushes)

There are so many other wonderfully powerful internal healing benefits from dry brushing, which I will be covering in the next few weeks.

Have you ever tried dry brushing? Do you want to see a dry brushing technique tutorial?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I would love to see a tutorial on how you do this?
    What oils do you use afterwards? So keen to know more about it ALL!!!

    1. Hi Gigi!
      Oh great thank you! I think I will do a little video on it yes!!
      I use a selection of oils! Frankincense is a main one I use daily.
      Depending on my cycle I will use clary sage and ylang ylang too on my stomach area.
      K x

  2. Do you do this before or after the shower? Where do you start from? Toes or head? What else do you do in the morning?

    1. Hello Evelyn!
      I do it before the shower in the morning!
      I start from my toes, and work my way up to my chest and my arms and up to my face!
      I would suggest to get 2 brushes, 1 for your face and 1 for your body!
      My morning routine is quite simple! I am thinking of doing a dedicated video on it!
      Hopefully this helps
      K x

      1. I would be interested in this video about the brushing technique:)

  3. Do you brush on your face?

    1. Hi darling!
      Yes I do – but I have a different brush I use on my face that is a little softer!
      K x

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