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The Chicken

“SMÄK (The Swedish word for taste) is a ‘ feel good space’ & health conscious cafe set just off Chapel Street”

SMÄK FOOD HOUSE, a café that cares about the food you eat while playing minimal deep house during the day (two thumbs up!!) was a breath of fresh air on one of Melbourne’s cold and rainy Winter mornings .

The Swedish word for taste, SMÄK (click here) is a ‘ feel good space’ & health conscious cafe set just off Chapel Street and behind The Olsen hotel. SMÄK uses an abundance of concrete, besser block & steel that gives the décor an industrial feel while a blonde wrap-around timber booth, snippets of greenery and a raised garden wall soften the hard lines of the café’s raw materials.

Where The Magic Happens

What we ate:

POACHED FREE RANGE TARRAGON CHICKEN – w/ garlic and almond thyme crust

CHARGRILLED BROCCOLI & EDAMAME – w/ chilli, garlic, toasted almond flakes

SMÄK  CHARGRILLED CHAR SIU PORK – w/apple cider pickled vegetables chicken

SPIRED CAULIFLOWER – w/ faro, celery, spinach, walnuts, cranberries & lemon vinaigrette

The Tarragon Chicken

My first impression of the food was how massive the portion size of protein was (I literally had a whole pork tenderloin on my plate)*. It was served on big beautiful simplstic plates that really emphasized the nutrient dense food.

*I try to avoid mentioning the price of meals at cafés I review because everyone has different lifestyles, budgets and ideas on what is expensive and what isn’t. In saying that I feel for the quality and size of the meal I had at SMÄK it is a great value for money café.

Chargrilled Char Siu Pork

Both meals were equally as good as each other, both being extremely tender thanks to the sous vide method of cooking. The chicken had a nice little additional crunch with the garlic and almond thyme crust, which added a slight complexity to the dish. The pork was tender and the pickles a perfect accompaniment to cut through the slight sweet and saltiness of the pork.


Smäk Food House offers fresh, nutrient dense and wholesome locally sourced food. We left feeling full and nourished but not bogged down by the substantially sized meal.

6c Daly Street
South Yarra, Melbourne, 3141
(03) 8560 2146

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What’s your thoughts on SMÄK? Are you a fan of an interchangeable menu? If you have any questions or comments leave them below.
K x

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