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Collagen Beauty Bowl

“You are what you eat”

I am always looking for beautiful gut enhancing recipes to incorporate into my lifestyle. This Collagen Beauty Bowl is a perfect example of something that will not only taste divine but is a deliciously healthy recipe to have under your wing.

The relationship between your mind, skin and gut is inextricably linked by what we eat and drink on a daily basis. Incorporating collagen boosting foods (like I have below) is a great way to combat ageing.

My Collagen Beauty Bowl

Why this Collagen Beauty Bowl is beautiful inside and out:


Why? Magnesium helps to cleanse and detox our bodies and skin (so if you are facing that extra special breakout – opt for foods rich in magnesium!) Increasing your magnesium intake, have more chances in treating allergic reactions or skin conditions such as eczema.

Eat more: Bananas, leafy greens, cacao, avocados, pumpkin seeds.


Why? An increase in prebiotics makes for a happy gut, that help fuel the growth of good gut bacteria.

Eat more: Berries, bananas, seeds, broccoli.


Why? If you and your family aren’t already, get yourself savvy with what probiotics are. Probiotics are an essential element that keeps your gut microbiota in check, alleviating oxidative stress on your body and in turn your skin. When you have a healthy gut environment, your body flourishes, making for that healthy and happy skin to shine.

Eat more: Probiotic supplements (I take a tablet every morning, along with a sprinkle of Natures Way probiotic powder in my shakes), Fermented food like kefir, yoghurt, kombucha, kimchi.


Why? A very important part of slowing down the ageing process, along with helping combat harmful free radicals that cause inflammation and the breakdown of collagen

Eat more: Look for bright colourful vegetables and fruit, green tea, seeds (chia, flaxseeds).

Ellagic Acid

Why? Helps reduce an enzyme made by free radicals that creates a breakdown of collagen.

Eat more: : Blackberries, raspberries, pecans, cranberries, pomegranate, strawberries.

Collagen Beauty Bowl



½ cup frozen blueberries
½ cup frozen blackberries
½ cup frozen raspberries
12 Frozen coconut water cubes
1 teaspoon flaxseed oil
¼ cup filtered water
1 tablespoon Natures Way Beauty Smoothie
1 heaped tablespoon Natures Way Probiotic
1 tablespoon Natures Way Acai powder
Small handful of baby spinach


Rose Petals
1 teaspoon chia seeds


This one is so easy, you’ll love it!

  1. Chuck all ingredients (excluding the toppings) into a blender. I love my Kenwood.
    Blitz until your desired consistency!
  • Top with your favourite topping ingredients (or use mine as an example!)

Tip: You can pop this collagen beauty bowl in a takeaway drinking jar to have for a quick breakfast.

This recipe will be naturally high in sugar, so this isn’t an everyday recipe, more of a once a week kind of thing!

To get your kids (or your inner child) gleaming when eating, use cookie cutters to make shapes. To make your meal that little bit more special.

If you want to know more about collagen boosting foods click here.
Disclaimer: Keira is the Natures Way Superfoods Ambassador, while she is compensated for her posts and recipes, all views and opinions are her own and she regularly uses any product that she writes about.

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  1. Collagen is huge over in Canada!! Can you hurry up and bottle your own so we can have it here!

    1. Hey Shelley!
      Oh well aren’t you sweet!
      I have Canada planned on my trip rotation for next year!! Can't wait
      K x

  2. Hi! What flavour is the beauty powder?

    1. Hi Holly!

      It is berry! Very delish and not too overbearing.
      K x

  3. YUM!!!! This looks so delish

    1. It tastes even better than it looks!!

  4. Hi! How did you do the heart shapes?

    1. Hi Melinda!
      Tiny cookie cutters!!
      K x

  5. on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being so amazing) I am a 10 that you are back into recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for my weekly recipes – my kids and hubby love your cooking and ideas

    1. Hi Candyce,

      How happy does this make me feel reading this!!

      I am so glad you all love my recipes! I will try my hardest to make them weekly!!

      K x

  6. My daughter has now requested all of her fruit be as adorable as this hahahaha – such a great idea

    1. Oh no!!! I am sorry in advance if I have added more time into school lunches!!
      I think it is a great way to excite fussy eaters! So you are in luck (hopefully!)
      K x

  7. Great idea!! I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but would like to see other beauty based recipes that are savoury?!

    1. Hi Lauren!
      Yes I sure do!
      I have a few recipes using bone broth and other collagen boosting foods soon!
      If you haven’t already – check out this article too! https://krumbled.com/top-collagen-boosting-foods/
      K x

  8. Looks delicious – and I love the idea of a healthy breakfast making me look younger too 🙂

    1. As do I!!!! <3

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