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Puppycation at the Larmont | Sydney

Dog Friendly Larmont Hotel

Today’s guest post on their stay at the dog friendly hotel – The Larmont hotel is from none other than the Sausage Brothers – Hercules and Hector.

Hey furiends!

We love staycations! What we love even more is dog friendly staycations & hotels, where we get looked after as much as our hoomans.

Once upon a time, we were told that Kings Cross was a time for partying with a bit of a sleaze factor. But now, there are heaps of puppy friendly cafes, and restaurants that our hoomans love. Our mum kept on saying the “gentrification of the cross has been a long process but she likes it now and is excited for all the new places opening up, like the Larmont (click here)”.

Check’n In

The Larmont Hotel officially opened in February, formerly known as the Diamant Hotel. With over 103 rooms and a new snazzy restaurant called Hyde. Located just behind the iconic Coca Cola sign, we were right amongst the buzzing Kings Cross vibes that we had heard so much about!

We walked through into the lobby, feeling like the VIP pooches we are. We were greeted by the nice lady behind the reception desk and we went straight up into our room, as our mum had already checked us in.

The Room

We took the lift up to the second level, which we were told was the exclusive pet level, with sweeping city views from our balconies. As we ran down the corridor to the end room, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw our huge room and even bigger balcony. We were in the courtyard suite, which we highly recommend for those that are travelling with their four legged companions.

The team at the Larmont really looked after us, with matching beds, brand new squeaker toys and bottles of water. With so much excitement we ran around for an hour, sniffing and exploring this new place. Our suite was pretty modern, with an i-Pad for helpful tips on getting around.

In the room next door there was even a Doberman!!

City slicker sausages!


  • Our balcony was so big – it was bigger than our backyard!
  • Dog Friendly Hotel (dah)
  • Trendy location
  • When you stay at the Larmont, you get access to the Yoga studio downstairs (Mum wanted us to mention this as she loves Yoga…we still do a better downward facing dog though)
  • Free parking!


  • Seeing as we are suburban dogs, we aren’t really used to the city noises like sirens and doors shutting from our neighbours. So we kept our hoomans up with our curiosity most of the night!
  • We are really inquisitive dogs, and we could smell and hear the dog in the adjoining balcony. While we had heaps of fun sniffing and barking with our new friend, we aren’t sure if our other neighbours enjoyed it as much as we did!


We had so much fun on our puppycation at The Larmont Hotel. We love getting pampered and looked after, and we really felt like rock stars walking through the lobby. Although we didn’t really get to have a well rested sleep because there was just so much going on below us, which was way toooooo exciting for two little sausages!

Herc & Hector (woooof)

The Larmont,
Dog Friendly Hotel,
2/14 Kings Cross Rd,
Potts Point NSW 2011
(02) 9295 8888

Disclaimer: The Sausage Brothers stayed as guests of the Larmont for this review. However, as always, the boys thoughts and opinions are their own, dictated to their human Keira Rumble.
If you want to see more about the sausage brothers click here.

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  1. How big of a dog can stay here? I have a great dane and he can never come with me anywhere because he is too big!!!

    1. Hi lovely!

      As far as I know we had a big dog next door to us!!
      Perhaps give the hotel a call to double check before booking!
      K x

  2. Your sausage dogs are SO cute!!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I think they are pretty damn cute too!!

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