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LG’s InstaView Door Refrigerator

LG is taking #FridgeGoals to the next level

Something I often get asked is “what’s in your fridge”. For years I had what some might call “fridge shame” (yes, apparently it’s a thing). It wasn’t the contents of the fridge, it was actually the fridge itself. Boring, daggy & plain and it could never keep my veggies fresh (hello soggy celery and limp carrots). That’s until I got my hands on the new LG InstaView Door in Door Refrigerator!

With the recent addition to our household, our new, very chic LG InstaView Door in Door Refrigerator (that matches my new LG OLED TV), I have been able to ramp up my foodie flare and utilize every inch of our fridge. The InstaView Refrigerator has long wide shelves and also some retractable ones so literally no space is wasted.

With My New LG Instaview Fridge

Being a big foodie & also a serial snacker who spends hours in front and inside my fridge, the InstaView Door-In-Door® helps to stop cold air escaping. By knocking twice on the glass panel, the door lights up for you to see all your fave go to items (like hemp seeds, almond milk, and herbs) before you open the door and let the cool air escaping. A very clever function if I do say so myself as it saves on your energy bill and also better for the environment.

I can also control the fridge from my smartphone using the SmartThinQ app which helps adjust my fridge settings or diagnose appliance problems.

LG Instaview Door in Door Refrigerator

I normally spend a good hour going through and planning my weekly meals, which includes me thinking about how I can save costs, load as many veggies into my meals as possible while saving in both cook and prep time!

  • Ways to save costs: I opt for buying in bulk (a bag of apples, a bag of carrots, big sweet potatoes etc). I then find different recipes that can utilise all of these ingredients (i.e Sheppard’s pie with sweet potato & loaded sweet potato)
  • Nutrition: Obviously this is one thing that I try and live by! That’s not to say that I don’t have little treats that slip into my shopping trolley every now and then! I love to buy things like spring onions, full celery stalks (that can easily fit with the ultra long shelving). I also love to keep my berries in the quick store compartment in the LG InstaView Fridge (I have never had blueberries so crisp before in my life!) Other things like using glasses or jars of water with fresh herbs (which will fit when I retract the shelving) which helps keep my herbs for a good 1-2 weeks which again reduces food waste.
Check out my latest video below where I show off my new nifty LG InstaView Door in Door Refrigerator in all its glory!

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  1. Loving your dress, where’s it from?

  2. Ok so – does your fridge always look like this? It is absolute GOALS!!!

    1. Haha, not all the time!

  3. What other colours does it come in?? We have stainless steel in our kitchen so black would look weird – great feature though!!

    1. Hey Toby, It comes in stainless steel as well!

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