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What if your dreams could make a difference?

Dreaming to make a difference.

A difference to help crunch some seriously needed data in the aid to help find a cure for Cancer with the Vodafone Foundation DreamLab App.

Unfortunately, the majority of us, know a loved one who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer. For me, over the past 6 months, someone who I hold very close to my heart, has been diagnosed with not 1 but 2 forms of cancer. In our story, we (touch wood) were extremely fortunate enough to have caught the aggressive form of lung cancer in its early stages, and through a thoracoscopic lobectomy were able to remove it in full, with much less invasive procedure than what would have been 10 years ago (thank you Dr Meredith from Westmead Hospital).

While we at the moment have a happy ending story. It pains me to think of how common, a less of a happy ending story is today.

For us, the story of my loved one was a bit of a shock. He is a non smoker & non drinker, yet was diagnosed with lung cancer, so my passion for genetics hits home for this one. How is it, that this particular form of cancer has come about?

That is when I came across the DreamLab app. A simple action by you can make a life changing difference. When you power DreamLab you’re downloading one of 26 million cancer problems that need calculating by using your phone’s computing power. Your results are sent to the Garvan Institute of Medical research to help with ongoing cancer research projects.

Thanks to the amazing work of 121,000 active ‘Dreamers’, a whopping 25 million research calculations were solved in triplicate (to validate the results) – 75 million calculations in total. By ‘dreamers’ turning on their data through the app, they have helped to collectively process data at speeds of up to 1,500 faster than Garvan’s in-house computer and has so far slashed nine months off the time needed to complete this research.

“If we can reach 100,000 users, this project could be completed three years faster than originally anticipated, which in turn will deliver tangible benefits to patients sooner”. 

“There are finite supercomputing resources available at Garvan, and the processing power from DreamLab has already alleviated a bottleneck of research and sped up the process of genetic information analyses,” said. Professor David Thomas, Head of the Garvan Centre’s Research Division. 

With one in two Australians affected by cancer by the age of 85, research breakthroughs are urgently needed.

Now, I could sit here all day and try and explain why what I am about to introduce to you can be your way to help, instead, I am going to let these short videos do my talking.

It is time to help make a difference by becoming a ‘dreamer’ too.

For more information head to the DreamLab website here.

Or the Vodafone website here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article for the DreamLab app by the Vodafone Foundation which I wholeheartedly support.

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  1. Wow! What a huge achievement of getting those numbers! I had no clue that we could even do this!

    1. Hey Tessa!
      Isn’t it an amazing foundation!
      Crazy how a simply action of downloading this app can make us be a part of something so big!
      K x

  2. Hey Keira,

    So sorry to hear about your father in law! My dad is currently going through chemo for stage 3 lung cancer, it is such a horrible thing to watch someone go through. I am getting all of my family to download this app now – hadn’t even heard of it before! There should be more apps like this!!

    Thank you for inspiring me all the time.
    Your smile makes my day better!

    1. Hello darling Hannah,
      Thank you so much for such a gorgeous message.
      Wishing you and your family a speedy recovery for your father.
      K x

  3. This is SUCH a dreamy photo!!! Where was it taken?

    1. Hey Sally!
      It was taken at Gaia Retreat & Spa – absolutely incredible!
      K x

  4. I didn’t understand what this was until I just watched that video! Very clever!!

    1. Hey Hayden,
      I know isn’t it so clever! Love what they are doing!
      K x

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