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Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials

Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials you need to know before jumping on the plane.

I have had my fair share of flying over the past few years, and I know first hand how flying can give your skin a mind of its own. These Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials tips have quite literally saved my skin from being dehydrated and congested and are simple steps I swear by during a long haul flight.

Have you ever gotten off the plane with a sore throat, headache and feeling abnormally tired? That is your body trying to tell you it’s dehydrated. The cabin air literally sucks the hydration out of you. Which is bad news when it comes to your skin.

Long Haul Flight Beauty Essentials

My 5 long haul flight beauty essentials are:

Water Water Water: Properly hydrating yourself is the fundamental step. Finish a bottle of water a half hour before your flight, fill it back up before walking on board, and continue sipping on that water throughout the trip. Yes, it may mean that you have to duck to the loo a few more times, but being dehydrated is one of the main causes for our skin to start looking lifeless.

Lock in that moisture with your skincare: Two of my favourite products right now that I love taking on with me when flying are from Aspect. Aspect is a cosmeceutical skincare brand that is free from pesticides, parabens, perfumes, dyes and is cruelty free. I use a two part skin care on flights just before I go to sleep.

Hydrating SerumIf you have dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, despite whether you are travelling, this hydrating serum is for you. It is a face serum that contains a blend of low and high molecular weights of water retaining hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring ingredient that has high water boosting and water retention properties, not only that but it helps to hold onto water molecules to help prevent moisture loss. I will clean my face once I get on board my flight and pop 2 pumps of this over my face and décolletage.

Gold Probiotic Sleep MaskI love go to the bathroom, wash my face, pop on the hydrating serum and then seal it in with the Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask. Designed to soothe your skin, while firming, hydrating and giving your skin much needed nutrients. I will leave this on for the entire flight and depending on how tired I am, I will walk off the plane with it on as it is clear and will seep into your skin.

Tip: you may need to transfer this to a small little travel tube so it doesn’t get confiscated as this tube is over 100mls!

Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask

Say no to high sugar snacks: It is so easy to opt for that sugary drink or snack when flying, but with sugary snacks, can lead to a spike in your blood sugar and can lead to break outs and congestion. So when flying you want to try and opt for a low sugar snack to help keep your skin and blood sugar at bay. My Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites are the perfect little flight companion. With only 2.8g sugar and loaded with beauty boosting and gut health ingredients which will help hydrate your skin from within!

Beauty Bites

To booze or not to booze? Sometimes, a cheeky little Bloody Mary mid air is much needed. But try and avoid going crazy with the drinks, including soft drinks and coffee. Try and stick to that water as much as possible, to help regulate your skin and give it that much needed hydration.

Sleep: If you are like me, and really struggle to sleep on planes, these 2 things are a must. The first thing I do is figure out what the time zone is where I am travelling too so I can try and sync my body as much as possible and help alleviate that dreaded jet lag feeling. I found by taking a silk sleeping mask, I can easily block out those bright lights and help my body adjust to the darkness. My naturopath also has introduced me to a liquid melatonin. This little spray is actually heaven. I spray 2-3 pumps under my tongue, and drift blissfully off to sleep while my skin is locking in that moisture from the mask.

Long Haul Flying
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  1. Just received my aspect skin stuff from adore beauty after I saw your night time routine – oh emmm geee the fruit mask is insane!!!!!!!

    1. That is so good Penny! How epic is the fruit enzyme mask! I love it!

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