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Tips For Composing At Home

Below are some really easy tips for composting at home and 4 reasons why you should.

(Full Disclaimer: This was a sponsored social media post to trial this product if you have been following me on Instagram. Since receiving it, I have used it every single day and will be a staple piece in my kitchen from now on.)

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I mentioned a few weeks ago how I haven’t used our red waste bin since getting my @maze_products compost bins from @bunnings – my second home. I was honestly pretty impressed with how easy it was to make this transition. All of our food waste goes into the small kitchen composter to start working its magic, and everything else goes into the recycling bin. Plus my friends cute babies make for the best little helpers – and it is a great way to encourage your little ones in your life to help make a positive impact for our plant (and veggie patches). Australia has over 10.5 million tonnes of food waste that goes to landfill each year and next week I will be sharing a stat that I nearly fell off my chair hearing. Do you compost? . #ad #healthyishappy #greenwaste #compost #composting #environment #foodwaste #greenhousehold #sustainable #sustainablehome #zerowastemovement #sustainablelifestyle #zerowasteliving

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Composting is having a bit of a resurgence lately. Zero Waste, Reducing Your Carbon Footprint & Waste Reduction I hate to say is the new “in thing”. The reason I hate to say it’s the latest ‘trend’ is because as a society we should be treating this ‘trend’ as the norm.  It’s simple, a greener household is better for the environment and better for your back pocket.

Did you know that a head of lettuce can take up to 25 years to decompose in normal landfill? Yup. Read that again. 25 years!

I didn’t believe it at first, but since we have been renovating the house this year, I have had made more then a few trips to the local tip and I can confirm their are food scraps everywhere, fully intact, not broken down and that look like they’ve been there for years.

According to energy.gov.au “Australia wastes more than 30% of the food we purchase. Australian consumers throw away around 3.1 million tonnes of food each year. Of this, 2.54 million tonnes of food waste was from our homes. When rotting food ends up in landfill it turns into methane, a greenhouse gas that is more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide”.

Not only is this problem bad for the environment it is also recorded that food waste costs Australian households between $2200 to $3800 a year.

My theory is that if every household would do their tiny bit for the environment by introducing a simple compost bin to their kitchen or garden, it would go a long way to helping the planet, reducing our rubbish and in turn help your back pocket. It is a win-win solution.

Tips For Composting

3 easy tips for composting at home

#1 tips for composting at home, use an air tight compost bin.

The compact indoor composter from Maze that I use, is their Indoor Bokashi Composter, which is a small little unit that I have in my kitchen. Bokashi is a Japanese term, that means, fermented organic matter. Which is either a liquid or bran based material that has been fermented with friendly bacteria.

#2 tips for composting at home, use an Accelerator.

No one likes the bad smell that comes with composting and having to walk out to the garden or yard after most meals. When I recently started using the Maze Bokashi Compost Bin to see if it made a difference. It did! I can cook throughout the week and after every meal. What I love about this little compact one, is that you accelerate the process by spraying their liquid Bokashi on the waste in the composter after the end of the day, which helps to eliminate the smell and break down the material quicker. I can put everything from cooked to raw food scraps, meat, eggs, (most composting you can’t do this) avocado seeds. Just be sure that no plastic etc makes its way into the compost!

#3 tips for composting at home, drain weekly.

The only time you will get a bit of smell is when you drain the liquid that is collected at the bottom. The Bokashi Bins have a tap/funnel at the back of them. Once a week place it over the sink and drain liquid. You can let it goes straight down you sink, which actually helps prevent algae build up and smell in your pipes thanks to the EM (friendly bacteria) in it or you can dilute it and put it directly onto your garden bed.

4 reasons why you should start composting at home.

Composting at home is easier than you think!

I have always thought that you need a big compost and a big space outside to do it. But turns out I was pretty wrong. There are some great brands out there, including the one that I use, which is Maze, which I highly recommend! It’s easy, when you’re finished your meal, throw the scraps in the compost bin rather then down the sink or in the normal bin. Make sure it’s an air tight one and you’ll have no problem. Just leave it under the sink, after a few weeks walk out to your garden, dig a little hole and empty it in there, then cover it over.

Watch your plants and veggie patch thrive

Composting is a great way to foster diverse life in your soil, which in turn will help your plants grow and become healthy. The healthier your plants are, the more resilient they become to things like pests and weather.

Good for the environment, Good for you

Composting helps to reduce landfill waste, along with the reduction of emissions. The EPA has estimated that landfills alone are the biggest emitters of toxic methane gas.

Traditional waste management methods mean that the waste will lie dormant in landfill, where oxygen (that is crucial to help breakdown and decay the waste) can’t reach.


Composting is quite literally nature’s way of recycling. Composting is the breakdown of materials through an organic process. The end result becomes this beautiful nutrient rich soil, that can help add to the diversification and sustainability for life

Compost Bin
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  1. How good! My hubby bought me one on Mothers Day after we saw yours!! Such a clever little thing to have in our kitchen.

    1. It works a treat doesn’t it! 🙂

  2. How good! My hubby bought me one on Mothers Day after we saw yours!! Such a clever little thing to have in our kitchen.

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