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Greenhouse bedroom makeover

A beginners guide to going green

I find myself scrolling through drool worthy interiors on my Instagram feed daily. Wanting to make that greenhouse bedroom makeover happen, but not quite finding time to do so. Until now!

I have always wanted that greenhouse vibe in my house, yet it hasn’t been until recently that I have been paying close attention to how much of a positive effect plants and eco friendly interiors can have on not only humans, but those little fury friends of ours too!

So why should you have real plants in your house (not just fake)

Indoor plants: are they really worth the hype?

Breathe & Clean

When we inhale, we bring oxygen into our bodies. When we exhale, we release carbon dioxide. Plants, in fact do the opposite. During photosynthesis, plants absorb our carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making humans and plants a match made in heaven.

By increasing oxygen levels, and keeping the oxygen flowing 24/7, plants not only help us breathe easier, they help freshen up the air, and eliminate harmful toxins.

Focus & Energy

Who would have thought that having a bit of greenery could help you think clearer? Being around plants has been shown to help increase memory retention and concentration (1)

Spending more time immersed in nature gives you a sense of vitality and gives you a good dose of serotonin, so why not bring that nature inside?

Reduce Stress

Have you ever wondered why people love gardening? It may be the fact that they are outside in nature, or it might simply be the element of nurturing nature. Nurturing plants has been shown to reduce stress levels and gives people a way to cope with their negative feelings (2)

I wanted to transform my bedroom from a place of just sleep, into a relaxing haven, where I feel completely at ease. To tie in nicely with my green foliage, I have opted to go down the linen side of things with my bedding. These Sheridan pieces are made from 100% Belgian linen fibers that have been dyed in natural piece muted tones. I was a little hesitant to go down the linen option, even when I unpacked the sheets I was worried that the linen was going to be harsh on my skin. Sure enough though, after a wash and a few good nights sleep breaking it in, the linen has softened quite nicely.

Any tips on now trying to keep my plants alive?! haha

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  1. Danmn I thought you were going to have some tips yourself on keeping plants alive hahahah! I am a black thumb

    1. Hey Sarah,

      Hahaha sorry no help from me! I am 1 week into my plants and hopefully they will last but I don’t have a good track record!
      K x

  2. That pooch is utterly divine!

    1. Hey Natalie,
      Isn’t he beautiful! hehe
      K x

  3. My son has the worst asthma – I have never even thought about getting plants to help him.
    Do you like your salt lamp?

    1. Hey Gina,

      Oh I would give plants a go for sure! The salt lamp is great – although I can’t get used to sleeping with it on!

      K x

  4. Do you use essential oils for breathing?

    1. Hello Tamara!

      I haven’t before – would you recommend it?

      K x

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