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Marks & Spencer x Krumble

The hunt for that perfect t shirt bra

So tell me this, does the hype of Valentines day make you feel like you are falling head over heels in love with whom ever tickles your fancy, or do you wish it to sizzle (enter Marks & Spencer) off like that burnt piece of sausage left on the bbq for far too long?

Whether you are in column a or column b, I think all females can agree that treating yourself to something nice (no matter what day it is really) is part of that self love that we should all be making the time to do. Sometimes, I need a little bit of an obvious statement like shall we say, “treat yourself to what you deserve this valentines day” to spin me into action.

Marks & Spencer x Krumble
Marks & Spencer x Krumble

I, like many millennials, shop mostly online. Albeit, sometimes, wanting to shop for that “perfect bra” has its limitations when you shop online. However, Marks & Spencer (click here) kinda has you covered in that department.

Marks & Spencer tailor to create the perfect bra for women from all different shapes and sizes. For me, the perfect bra isn’t necessarily a t shirt bra or a raunchy lace ity bity piece of material. But what it does have to have is support, comfort and most of all, fits perfectly on myself and underneath my clothes.

My top selects from Marks & Spencer

Mark & Spencer

I jumped online to the Marks & Spencer website, and I was a little bit put off. Bra’s to me are a bit of a big ticket item so to speak, normally setting you back a cool $100 for a “good bra”, not the $30-40 on the website, so I still kept my skepticism hat on until I could see it to believe it.

I kept on scrolling until I could find the perfect outfit with that perfect under garment for that perfect dinner. I found what I had been looking for, checked out (courtesy with a nice little gift voucher from M&S for the purpose of this little post) and sat back. I was thinking that my shipment would take at least a week or so to get with me. I placed it on Jan 23rd – it was with me by Jan 28th.

Marks & Spencer x Krumble

Turns out that Marks & Spencer do a pretty good t shirt bra! …and by good, I mean spot on for comfort and quality. Along with their other pieces of goodies that I received, in the photos above!

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So, my lovely humans, treat yourself to something special every now and then. Because we all deserve the gift of comfort and self love!

Disclaimer: This is a paid collaboration with Marks & Spencer. However, as with all paid collaborations, this post is an honest representation on my thoughts and perspective of the mentioned products above.

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  1. THANK YOU!! M&S collection is so good! I was shocked how good and how cheap!! No one is talking about this haha!

  2. THANK YOU!! M&S collection is so good! I was shocked how good and how cheap!! No one is talking about this haha!

  3. Hi!! I am confused with the UK sizing – what is the besst site to convert from ozzie to uk?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I find net-a-porter and farfetch have great charts for size conversions as they have buyers and stores from all over the globe that need to use them. I hope this helps 🙂

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