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    “How can you go wrong when you mix a light, succulent lamb sambusa followed by sweet sweet baklava at Oasis Bakery”

    Kid In A Candy Store

    Lebanese food is one of my favourite cuisines. So when I stumbled across Oasis Bakery (click here) on instagram the day after I left Melbourne, I was kicking myself I hadn’t found it before. So it was definitely on my hit list of places to eat the next time I made the trip south of the border.

    Oasis Bakery Spread

    First and foremost, Oasis Bakery is a haven for fresh pastries and is combined with a café and a large grocery store. I was like a little kid in a candy store, roaming the isles, drooling over the house made baklava (yes nutella too). It’s equal parts bakery, grocery store as well as a café. The café, is a  more like a cafeteria, pay at the counter with buzzer style.

    Oasis is about a 20 minute drive from the CBD, but this place is well worth the drive.

    What we ate:

    LAMB & PINENUT SAMBUSA* – triangle pastry filled with lamb & pinenuts

    TETA’S LAMB & EGGS – seared lamb with scrambled eggs and maras chilli on sourdough with green pea-shoot salad

    SPRING EGGS – with heirloom tomatoes, haloumi and sujuck

    CARNIVAL HOTCAKES – fluffy hotcakes with caramel sauce, popcorn and marshmellow

    * this was ALL time

    Teta's Lamb & Eggs
    Spring Eggs


    I Absolutely loved every bite of what we ate at Oasis Bakery. A must visit for Melbourne!

    Oasis Bakery
    9/993 North Road
    Murrumbeena VIC 3163
    (03) 9570 1122

    Whats your favourite pastry at Oasis? Did you like the hotcakes as much as me? If you have any other suggestions let me know below
    K x