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“Legacy is a health conscious café set in the heart of Camberwell, a leafy suburb 15 mins out of Melbourne’s CBD”

Legacy Camberwell

We purposely arrived at Legacy (click here) at 10am to miss the morning and lunch rushes, which we’ve heard this place is accustomed to. When we arrived at the hole-in-the-wall cafe in Camberwell there was no queue but by the time we sat down and placed our order, the place was full and buzzing.

The cafe’s long industrial & minimalistic dećor was very welcoming. Legacy’s mood is relaxed and homely thanks to the very liberally used red exposed brick, (which is in featured in just about everything, the walls, the floors, the benches and even the communal table) and the glimpses of timber and polished concrete that peep through the bright red bricks.

With a decent selection of raw smoothies, chia puddings and superfood bowls for the health conscious customers or the house made donuts and butter-milk fried chicken for anyone wanting to indulge a little, you can see why this café is destined to be one of Melbourne’s hot spots.

What we ate:

AVOCADO FETTA MASH –  w/chilli, heirloom tomatoes, radish & black sesame seeds with rosti (this was an optional side)

MANGO & VANILLA CHIA PUDDING – edible flowers, strawberries and macadamias

ROYAL REECE – Peanut butter, raw cacao, banana, chia seeds, coconut shavings and almond milk

PICCOLO* – one of the best coffees i have had in Melbourne

Mango Chia Pudding At Legacy Camberwell

The chia pudding was light and the mango puree at the bottom was a great touch. Our Avocado & Feta Mash was good, but not great, lacked a little bit of a flavour. The Royal Reece smoothie was pretty epic, along with my salted peanut butter cookie!

*The coffee is worth making a special mention – my piccolo was one of the best coffees I have had in a while.


A big thumbs up for this hot spot.

Legacy Camberwell
347 Camberwell Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124
(03) 9041 1796

Have you eaten at Legacy Camberwell before? Did you enjoy the coffee us much as I did? I would love to hear all your thoughts and comments below.
K x

” Tokyo Tina is the smaller, edgier Japanese-inspired sister venue to Melbourne’s Saigon Sally & Hanoi Hannah “


Located just opposite Windsor Station in Melbourne, Tokyo Tina (click here) offers a smaller yet playful eatery to entice your Asian fusion delights.

Formerly a bong shop, Tokyo Tina is the edgy Japanese inspired sister to Melbourne’s Saigon Sally & Hanoi Hannah. Sitting amongst the hustle & bustle, the venue is filled with Astro boy pin up posters, Japanese pop art, crumbly walls and slatted timber transcending you into a fluorescent alleyway in downtown Toyko.

Cucumber & Yuzu Sour

The menu is predominantly Japanese but also dabbles slightly in Korean & Peruvian cuisines. All dishes can be accompanied with a great selection of cocktails, Japanese whiskey, sake or beer. Offering a vast variety on the menu, you can find delicious morsels of kingfish cones and a three types of Bao catering for those who want a light lunch or for the hungrier folk a hearty ramen or poke (pronounced po-kay).

What we ate:

KINGFISH CONE – Wasabi, Apple & Charcoal Cone
KARAAGE CHICKEN RIBS – Hot Gochujang Sauce & Lemon (gf)
PORK BELLY – Pickled Daikon, Teriyaki Sauce, Kewpie (2pc) (gf*)
SEARED DUCK BREAST – Orange Miso & Carrot Chips (gf)

MATCHA BRIOCHE BUN – Crunchy Brioche Bun Filled With Matcha Soft Serve

BlOODY TOKYO – Belvedere Vodka, Tomato, Japanese Spices, Sancho Salt
CUCUMBER & YUZU SOUR – Belvedere Vodka, Elderflower, Yuzu, Cucumber, Honey
SHIMO SOUR CHAIRMANS – Spiced Rum, Cointreau, Mandarin, Cranberry Bitters, lime

Kingfish Cone
Extra Crispy Pork Belly
Karaage Chicken Ribs

The stand out dishes were the Karaage Chicken Ribs and the Duck breast. The Karaage Chicken batter was extremely light and crunchy while the Duck was cooked perfectly.

Seared Duck Breast
Duck Breast & Beans


Our dining experience at Tokyo Tina, was fun, tasty and exuberant. The staff were really helpful with their tips on what they thought the best dishes were and matching drinks. I Highly recommend Tokyo Tina for an Asian fusion meal in Melbourne.

Tokyo Tina
66A Chapel Street
Windsor VIC 3181
(03) 9525 2774

Have you eaten at Tokyo Tina? Did you like their Food & cocktails? What did you think of my review? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.
K x

“The Olsen has made a name for itself as a hot spot for celebrities and athletes”

The Olsen

Perched above Melbourne’s prestigious Chapel Street, the Art Series’ trendy 229 room boutique hotel The Olsen (click here) has made a name for itself as a hot spot for celebrities and athletes. The hotel offers chic accommodation, drawing inspiration from renowned Australian artist John Olsen. The refined charm of Olsen’s artwork throughout the hotel balances the energy and charisma of Chapel Street seamlessly.

The Olsen hotel is located in the heart of South Yarra on Chapel Street. A swift 30minute cab ride from the airport, The Olsen is in the midst of one of Melbourne’s main tourist destinations with a myriad of cafes, restaurants and shops at its doorstep.

Front & Centre At The Olsen

The Room

We stayed in the ‘Deluxe Studio Suite on the 7th floor’. Our North facing room overlooked the thriving hustle and bustle of Chapel Street. The neutral and earthy tones of the room were highlighted by the abundance of natural light that is let in by the oversized window, giving the room that ‘very comfortable, home away from home’ feel about it.

The room area itself was quite cleverly thought-out, with floor to ceiling mirrored walls and wall-hung plasmas that free up a lot of ‘leg room’.

The room also boats a lounge area, a fully equipped kitchenette with quartz bench tops and a semi private bathroom, which is separated by a screen-printed glass mural.

The Bathroom At The Olsen

Food & Beverage

Being located on Chapel St the hotel has an abundance of dining options at its’ doorstep. Spoonbill is on the ground floor next to the lobby while Two Wrongs (click here) & Smäk (click here) are around the corner.

Pool & Gym

The pool area is situated on the first floor; the pools deep blue mosaic tiles, sandstone pavers, lounges and deck chairs give a somewhat ‘European’ feel to it. The pool is half undercover while the other half hangs off the side of the building, with glass flooring that allows you to see pedestrians walking underneath while floating above them, which is something different.

At one end there is a spiralling staircase that leads up to 2nd level to another lounge area. Honestly the 2nd level is a little lack lustre but on a sunny day you can certainly unwind on one of the oversized sofas/lounges. There is also an oversized novelty chessboard that makes the area a little more playful.

The gym isn’t anything flash, it’s a stock standard hotel gym with a few running machines, bikes and free weights up to 20kgs.

Then Overhanging Pool
Semi Open Pool


  • Beautiful Art
  • Stylish
  • Pool Area
  • Location
  • Spacious Rooms
  • Very Accommodating Staff
  • Hotel Restaurants


  • Air Con Needed Repair*
  • No iron in room (there normally is)

The air con was working at about 50% when we got to the room, I brought this to the attention to the concierge on our way out to dinner on the first night. Someone came up to fix it and when we got back to the room, the room was nice and toasty but after waking up the next morning there was a slight layer of dust on the glass table, so I think it was due for a service.


The Olsen brings a touch of class and finesse to Chapel Street, the location is central to everywhere and I would definitely stay here again.

The Olsen
637-641 Chapel St,
South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9040 1222

Disclaimer: My stay at The Olsen was provided complimentary from the art series hotel group in exchange for a review on the Krumbled website. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
Have you stayed at The Olsen before? What’s your favourite hotel in the Art Series Chain? Leave any questions or comments below.

A dimly lit, New York style venue, Nieuw Amsterdam is home to some pretty tasty American food and an even more extensive drinks menu.

Original Hardware

Set within a converted double storey 1880s red brick building and down the quieter end of Hardware Street in Melbourne, sits Nieuw Amsterdam (click here).

Spread over two levels in a converted hardware factory, Nieuw Amsterdam’s upstairs offers a classic New York/French bistro style restaurant with long leather booths, dark timber floorboards, a fully loaded wooden and marble bar, large windows and exposed red and white brick façade. While downstairs is your classic dimly lit basement;  dive bar, with loud music, intimate corner booths and that’s open until early morning.

Naturally the first thing you do when you go to a whiskey bar is order a stiff drink (and boy were they stiff), we had a quick glance at the menu ordered a ‘Poor Tom Old Fashioned’ and a ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Rum’*. Now I’m kind of a lightweight when it comes to drinking and after a few sips of both cocktails I was a little tipsy. Luckily I was with a more ‘seasoned’ drinker and after noticing the early warnings of a little giggle and chuckle in my voice he quite happily finished my drinks for me.

*Note, The drinks menu is vast and separated into categories such as “stiff” and “spritz’d”. I foolishly was too eager for a drink, opened to the middle of the menu and picked out CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF RUM and not realizing that this was a stiff drink! However, I did really enjoy the taste of the cocktails once the chunks of ice had melted & diluted them.

What we ate:

WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE – bacon jam, cheese wiz
PORK TROTTER AND HAM HOCK NUGGETS – burnt onion jam, sour apple
PORK & PARMESAN MEATBALLS – napoli, basil, sage
RANGERS VALLEY BEEF BRISKET – onion, mushroom, blue cheese, red wine jus
ROAST BROCCOLI – garlic, chilli

NY CHEESECAKE – vanilla ice cream, honeycomb, laphraoig marmalade

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF RUM – Goslings Black Seal Rum, spice syrup, angostura bitters, topped with a spicy ginger foam
POOR TOM OLD FASHIONED – Poor Tom Gin, french earl grey syrup, bitters, strawberry, Vietnamese mint
NY SOUR – sour rye whiskey, cognac, lemon, egg white, absinthe rinse

Pork Trotter Nuggets
Waffled Mac + Cheese

To start we had the PORK TROTTER AND HAM HOCK NUGGETS, these little breaded nuggets of soft tender chunks of pork and ham were seasoned perfectly, had a nice touch of sour apple placed on top to cut through the pork and were completely moreish. On the other side of the spectrum was the WAFFLED MAC & CHEESE, If there is mac and cheese on the menu, it is a must for me to order, so with the mac waffle I was expecting something pretty tasty. The waffled macaroni was quite bland and the bacon jam was a little overpowering, with a coffee taste through it and the cheese fizz had a sour cream tang and consistency. I felt like the concept was good, but it wasn’t pulled off.

Roast Broccoli
Brilliant Brisket
Mouth Watering Meatballs

My favourite of the night was the BRISKET, it kept it’s shape perfectly while being soft and tender and without being too fatty, it was paired perfectly with the button mushrooms, blue cheese and red wine jus; and to top it all off the roast potatoes it came with were crispy on the outside while being light and fluffy.

The MEATBALLS were also really good, they were firm but not dry and were complimented by a rich tomato and basil sauce with pappardelle.

Nieuw Amsterdam Spread
Possibly The Best Cheesecake Iv'e Ever Eaten

I also wanted to make a special mention to the cheesecake. This heavenly dish comes deconstructed and is faultlessly balanced. The cheesecake itself is decadent and rich (yet fluffy) and comes with the added bonus of sweet honeycomb that adds crunch to the dish, along with a laphraoig orange marmalade that gives the sweet dish the perfect amount of ‘smokeyness’. A perfect 10/10 for me.

Out The Front Of Niuew Amsterdam


Nieuw Amsterdam not only offers a great after hours eatery and bar, but it also is home to some great American inspired meals with a little modern refinement that goes a long way.

Nieuw Amsterdam
106–112 Hardware Street
Melbourne 3000
(03) 9602 2111

Do you prefer  upstairs or downstairs at Nieuw Amsterdam? Have you had a better cheescake? I’d love to hear your questions or thoughts below
K x

“There are some seriously good instagram opps inside the doors at St Kilda’s Matcha Milk Bar”

Matcha Mylk Bar

Melbourne’s first Matcha café, Matcha Mylk Bar (click here) has just opened up in St Kilda. Not only has this 100% plant based café taken the foodie scene by storm but also social media, having already amassed a cult following of over 35k in only a few weeks.

From the very inventive menu that’s filled with; longevity bowls, apple pie & carrot cake lattes and green burgers with purple potato chips, to the Hollywood celebrities & some abstract neon lights and get ready for some of the most exciting, health benefiting, sustainable, plant based dishes we’ve ever grazed upon.

Those Floors Must Be Hard To Clean

Red brick flooring, geometrics shapes, splashes of greenery and an overhead garden cage, brings an energy to this industrial space that is fun and laid back. Quirky puns flood the café; from the smoothie menu (I’ll have one WIZ KALE LEAFA to go, thanks) to the quotes in the bathroom and even on their water bottles. You will find yourself being entertained throughout a café that is high on humour and one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

When we arrived we were treated to a full ‘THANKS A LATTE’ tasting plater see below, we tried all eight, yes eight different flavours including turmeric, cacao, beetroot, mushroom, chai, apple pie, carrot cake & of course matcha. My favourites being the apple pie and carrot cake we were also given a full run-down of all the health benefits of each one thanks to owner Nic Davidson.

Thanks A Latte

What we ate:

HEIRLOOM TOMOATOES – fresh avocado, almond fetta, basil & kale pesto, crispy kale, toast + poached vegan egg™
SARDINIA, ITALY – pumpkin gnocchi, eggplant bolognese, spinach, beans, green-molata
BLACK BEAN & QUINOA BURGER – charcoal bun, black fermented garlic, caramelised onion, purple potatoes

WHEN KHALESI WEARS LYCRA – dragon fruit, mango, passionfruit, almond mylk, almond butter, macadamia nuts
ALMOND BUTTER BING, BUTTER BOOM – natural almond butter, banana, raw cacao, dates, almond mylk, vegan protein, almond flakes

Heirloom Tomatoes
Black Bean Burger
Black Bean & Quinoa Burger

The standout dish for me was the SARDINA ITALY, the gnocchi was soft but had a bite to it, and the meatballs* made completely from eggplant were absolutely unreal and the added ‘green-molata’ added a great crunch factor.

*The meatballs in particular were extremely surprising, the texture and taste was nearly identical to the traditional pork and veal mix, which even the most seasoned carnivore would struggle to separate the two.

Sardina Italy

One of the most sought after items on the menu is the vegan ‘egg’ which came out with the HEIRLOOM TOMATOES . Chef Timm’s spent several months perfecting this recipe as it is very unique that Matcha Mylkbar even patented the recipe/creation. Making the eggs is a day long process, what literally take hours upon hours to make for a product that is is eaten in seconds. What’s most fascinating is that the vegan eggs have the exact same nutritional value as a normal egg. The texture has also been very closely replicated that one would think they were eating the real thing, the only difference is the vegan eggs have a slightly sweet taste to them thanks to the ‘yolk’ which is a mix of sweet potato, coconut milk and linseed protein, while the whites are made from agar, coconut and almond milk.

Matcha Mylkbar Spread


Matcha Mylk Bar is a vegan café not just for vegans. Its’ quirky, playful and extremely photographic meals are not only wholesome and delicious but you almost instantly feel a little happier and healthier in supporting the cause for a ‘less meat-heavy diet’.

Matcha Mylk Bar
72 Acland Street
St Kilda VIC 3182
(03) 9534 1111

How good are the puns at this cafe!! What’s your favourite thing about Matcha Mylk Bar? Leave your answers or any questions below.
K x

Left Field is one of the new kids on the block but has surely made its mark on Melbourne’s brunching scene.

Left Field At Carnegie

The masterminds behind Rustica Canteen, Short Straw and Tall Timber have teamed up to create Left Field (click here). An epic foodie destination filled with good, honest and healthy eats with quality coffee.

We made our way out to Carnegie (a short 25 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD) on a freezing Melbourne morning. Positioned on a corner block of a residential suburb boasting both indoor and a very generous outside seating area, with custom made furniture by iamnotmason. We were running about 20 minutes late and as the line up for this popular new café can be anywhere from half hour to two hours our seats had been filled so we opted to sit outdoor in the sub zero weather.

Lucky There Were Heaters

The light and bright white tones create a really relaxed, chilled vibe while the constant chatter and laughter brings the café to life. It wasn’t long until the waitress brought out some warm blankets and we were ready to order. (I’d like to mention that wall mounted outdoor heating would be very handy during Winter!)

Sweets On Display At Left Field

Our Niccolo house blend coffees came out a lightning speed, which was extremely welcoming as it was such a cold morning. All boxes are ticked when it comes to Left Field’s coffee and to my surprise the food came out not long after. The meals were of massive portions and visually mouth-watering.

Head Chef Ryan, has crafted the menu to take a middle eastern twist with a bit of a health conscious kick. With house made dukkah, beetroot hummus and splashes of black tahini we found ourselves struggling to pick just 1 meal each.

In His Element

What we ate:

SMASHED PEA BRUSCHETTA – w/ prosciutto, goats cheese, poached egg, pesto, zucchini ribbons, walnut, mint & basil salad
SMOKED AND BRAISED SHORT RIB – fried egg, spicy black beans, feta, lime, coriander, beetroot hummus & Turkish bread
VANILLA, CINNAMON, COCONUT OAT & CHIA PUDDING – w/ spiced poached pear, fig, wild granola & pistachio

Short Rib

Stand out dish for me was the Short Rib. There were so many things going on with this dish that worked together so well. The slab of meat literally fell off the bone when prodded. The freshness of the salsa verde was balanced with the spiciness of the beans and the earthiness off the hummus while the subtle flavour from the dukkah lingered after every bite. Followed closely by the Bruschetta, which was incredibly fresh, vibrant, herby and tangy which had a wonderful bite to it thanks to the zucchini ribbons and walnuts.

Oat & Chia Pudding

The oat and chia pudding was also light a fluffy however all the flavour came from the fruit and wild granola. The pudding was a little to delicate for me personally as I couldn’t really taste the vanilla and cinnamon.

Left Field Spread
Left Field Brunches


I’m sure Left Field will feel right at home amongst the cities other ‘must eat’ cafes.

Left Field
358 Koornang Road
Carnegie VIC 3163
(03) 9578 2043

I absolutely loved Left Field! Have you been there before? What did you think? Leave any messages or comments below.
K x

“Republica is a great place for afternoon drinks when it’s sunny”

Fried Chicken

Just set off St Kilda beach, Republica (click here) is a great destination to unwind and relax. The atmosphere was good, however it was a little quiet as it was a pretty miserable day weather wise.

The staff were tentative at times, however we waited for 20 minutes from the time we got our menus to ordering, then once we ordered the wait was over 40 minutes (with only 3 tables seated in the restaurant). The food overall was pretty good and the Bloody Mary was tasty.

Grilled Octopus

What we ate:

GRILLED OCTOPUS – warm flat bread
FRIED CHICKEN PIECES – jalapeno and lime mayonnaise
PULLED PORK RAGU – with kale
WAGYU BEEF RUMP CAP – mashed potato, dijon mustard, grilled leek and pickled onions (gf)
GREEN BEANS – with mustard

SALTED CARAMEL PARFAIT – with peanut sauce and buttered popcorn ice cream (gf)

Pulled Pork Ragu
Beef Rump Cap

A big thumbs up to the fried chicken, it was great, it was crisp and seasoned well and the jalapeno & lime mayo was a great addition. The caramel parfait was simply delicious. However a big thumbs down to the green beans, they were quite possibly the worst green beans I have ever eaten, they were soggy and dull with a horrid texture and taste.

Republica Spread
Salted Caramel Parfait


The experience at Republica was decent but could have been better. The staff were a little to slow but very polite and the food was good but the green beans were a massive disappointment. Everything else was quite enjoyable. The décor and setting is very relaxing and the location is great. It definitely would be better on a beautiful sunny day overlooking the beach.

10/18 Jacka Blvd,
St Kilda VIC 3182
(03) 8598 9055

Whats your thoughts on Repbulica? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.
K x

“Two Wrongs definitely make a right”

Enjoying The Moment

Two Wrongs (click here) definitely make a right. This phrase related to this dive bar would be an understatement. Our dining experience was sensational.

The creative minds of Zachary Riggs and Isaac Constantine (think Drugstore Espresso & Le Petit Prince) have brilliantly created fine dining at a dingy American dive bar.

Two Wrongs Combines Polar Opposites In Everything It Does
Two Wrongs: A Fine Dining Dive Bar

The interior is adorned with an eclectic collection of Versace, Storm troopers, UV lights, graffiti vandalised renaissance artwork and garbage filled shopping trolleys creating this quirky, odd and inviting venue which is literally ‘two wrongs’.

The all man bartender line-up were extremely helpful, engaging and welcoming. Whether you are there for a culinary delight (think mouth watering pork donuts) or to quench your thirst from their extensive and impressive drinks menu (my fav was the stoned sailor).

Two Wrongs definitely hit the nail on the head with their delicious food, quality drinks and tongue in cheek hospitality.

Mac N Cheese

What we ate:

TRUFFLE POPCORN – Need i say more
A BAG OF CRUNCHY THINGS – Beer, cashew (GF optional)
PORK DONUT FOR TWO – Harissa, grilled peach relish, pecan

CHORIZO – Cuttlefish, cauliflower, lemon (GF)
TRUFFLED MAC N CHEESE – Popcorn, jalapeno, chives (Veg)
MASH N GRAVY – Oxtail, smoked desiree, curd
BEEF TARTARE – Sourdough, cured yolk, nasturtium (DF)
BEEF & BROCCOLI – Shortrib, broccoli,

KINDER SUPRISE – Roast white chocolate, passionfruit, macadamia

LARA BINGLE – Cointreau, Creme De Mure, lemon juice, soda & Smurf Tears
RHYMES WITH ORANGE – Aperol, Campari, Amaro Montenegro, Dolin Rouge, orange bitters, blood orange foam
STONED SAILOR – Sailor Jerry’s Rum, sugar syrup, Angostura bitters, smoked glass
SOUTH RAH RAH – House Cucumber Gin, St Germain Elder Flower, mint, lime juice, soda

Pork Donut
Beef Tartare

Standout dishes for me were: the Truffle mac n cheese & mash and gravy. Although, every meal we had was extremely satisfying, carefully and meticulously created from concept to creation I have a soft spot for mac n cheese so this for me was the most memorable whilst the mash and gravy was fluffiest and lightest I have ever had.

Short Rib
Beef & Broccoli
Chorizo + Cuttlefish


I highly recommend you visit this venue to experience first hand,  how unique and delightfully disjointed this dive bar truly is.

Two Wrongs definitely impressed. A must for Melbourne.

Two Wrongs
637 Chapel Street
South Yarra VIC 3141
(03) 9827 4510

What did you think of my review? Have you eaten at Two Wrongs before? I would love to hear all your thoughts and comments below.
K x

“How can you go wrong when you mix a light, succulent lamb sambusa followed by sweet sweet baklava at Oasis Bakery”

Kid In A Candy Store

Lebanese food is one of my favourite cuisines. So when I stumbled across Oasis Bakery (click here) on instagram the day after I left Melbourne, I was kicking myself I hadn’t found it before. So it was definitely on my hit list of places to eat the next time I made the trip south of the border.

Oasis Bakery Spread

First and foremost, Oasis Bakery is a haven for fresh pastries and is combined with a café and a large grocery store. I was like a little kid in a candy store, roaming the isles, drooling over the house made baklava (yes nutella too). It’s equal parts bakery, grocery store as well as a café. The café, is a  more like a cafeteria, pay at the counter with buzzer style.

Oasis is about a 20 minute drive from the CBD, but this place is well worth the drive.

What we ate:

LAMB & PINENUT SAMBUSA* – triangle pastry filled with lamb & pinenuts

TETA’S LAMB & EGGS – seared lamb with scrambled eggs and maras chilli on sourdough with green pea-shoot salad

SPRING EGGS – with heirloom tomatoes, haloumi and sujuck

CARNIVAL HOTCAKES – fluffy hotcakes with caramel sauce, popcorn and marshmellow

* this was ALL time

Teta's Lamb & Eggs
Spring Eggs


I Absolutely loved every bite of what we ate at Oasis Bakery. A must visit for Melbourne!

Oasis Bakery
9/993 North Road
Murrumbeena VIC 3163
(03) 9570 1122

Whats your favourite pastry at Oasis? Did you like the hotcakes as much as me? If you have any other suggestions let me know below
K x