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China Sightseeing Tips : The Great Wall, Pandas & More

So much has happened for #KrumbleAbroad in the past month! I thought I would do a really quick recap on my China Sightseeing Tips – The Great Wall, Pandas & so much more. I cannot wait to share with you all exactly what I have been getting up to (trust me it is a lot haha) I am actually going backwards in my month, and starting from my final week here in China.

Well now, let’s do a quick recap of where I went, stayed, saw and most of all, ate!


Shanghai was pretty manic, in between hotel tours, meetings and getting our bearings, we decided to jump on a double decker bus and let our legs get some rest.

Highlight of the double decker was believe it or not, seeing the impressive road and bridge systems. The way that they build roads on top of roads upon more roads, is pretty cool (nothing like you get in my home town in Aus!)

Hotels: Banyan Tree on the Bund & Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai. Both hotels were honestly two of my favourite hotels for the entire month long trip, both for extremely different reasons too! You will see why this is in the next week or so.

Food: I didn’t get much of a chance to venture out food wise in Shanghai which is unfortunate, however I did have 2 great meals at each hotel which I will share later in the hotel review posts

Must See: The Bund, The road system, Shanghai Tower, Jade Buddha


My main goal for my trip was to get up close and personal with a Panda. I was actually quite impressed with Chengdu, to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting anything like it was!

My panda encounter will be posted in a completely separate post, full with videos, so stay tuned for this!!

Hotels: I stayed at two hotels in Chengdu; The Fairmont & The Temple House. Both in two pretty different locations, so was great to get out and about and explore both of these areas.

Food: Don’t make the same mistake I did and boast about being able to handle hot food, because I can assure you, being in the Sichuan region, these folks like it hot.

Must see: Panda Base, Buddha at Leshan


Well, you can’t go to China (in my opinion) and not go and see the Great Wall. Beijing, I have been told, is a great spot to get in some Great Wall action, we had a fantastic tour guide named Debbie, an absolute sweet heart! I will be doing a whole big post on The Great Wall – where the best and the worst spots (crowds etc) are soon.

Hotels: Fairmont Beijing

Food: Similar to Shanghai, I didn’t get a chance to eat out much as we were SO busy with sightseeing!

Must See: The Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square

So that is it for now, if you want to know anything else or see any specific China related (or even anything Travel) related let me know in the comments below!