Summer with Havaianas

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pair (or two) of Havi’s

Havaianas + Lemons

With Christmas fast approaching, a pair of Havaianas are the perfect stocking filler for family and friends of all ages!

Affordable ✓
Perfect to dress down or up your look ✓
Can wear from day to night ✓


Here are some of my favourite Havaianas.



Reply January 5, 2018

I had no idea that Havaianias did enclosed shoes
!! so cute.

    Reply January 7, 2018

    Hey Nadia,
    Neither did I until recently! They are very comfy too!
    K x

Reply January 7, 2018

These photos are SO beautiful!!! What is your secret to your glowing skin? SO jeally

    Reply January 7, 2018

    Hi Simone,

    Thank you for your gorgeous words.
    Honestly, my skin is good from eating and living a balanced lifestyle with lots of collagen rich foods!
    I also use a toner, serum, moisturizer everyday and take any residue off with an environmentally friendly cloth!
    K x

Sarah Young
Reply January 7, 2018

Just went and got those yellow ones you wore! They are SO super sweet and so comfy!

    Reply January 7, 2018

    Hey Sarah!
    Oh yay! They are super cute! Yellow is my new favourite colour now thanks to those cute little numbers!
    K x

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