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If you are like me and don’t like carrying around your phone, wallet, and keys when you are running in and out of meetings, grocery shopping, errands, the gym or simply your morning walk, I may have just found the perfection solution!

Thanks to Optus and their new cashless innovations, you can get around from A to B with some nifty (and stylish) new gadgets.

Honestly (as always) I was a little skeptical about this whole concept. What if you get stuck buying coffee with just a wristband and for it to not work? How do you keep track of your spending? Surely the coffee cup can’t actually be scanned?

So, I took The Optus Pay Band and the SmartCup by Frank Green on the road to test them out.

First off, I needed to pick up some bits and pieces for the week, camera equipment, food styling goods, dog toys & fitness equipment. I wanted to set myself a limit of $250 for the day, knowing that I had to make every purchase under $100 (read more about that here).

So off I went, and I was actually very impressed! The seamless black design is not too offensive and fits in quite nicely with my monotone gym gear I normally rock. What was even more enjoyable than actually using the gadget, was watching the retailers expressions when I waved my wrist over the paywave machine.

How it works

Optus customers can simply download the Optus Pay app from iTunes or the Google play store.

  • Optus Pay accessories use NFC (near field communication) technology which allows them to communicate with Visa PayWave terminals and recognise your purchase (they have to be transactions under $100 in order for this to work.
  • Once registered load it with up to $500 from any Australian bank account and order your accessory using the app supplied free of charge.
  • Once the Optus Pay accessory is loaded and ready to go, Pay your way wherever you see Visa payWave, add up to 4 accessories per facility and easily manage them all through the Optus Pay app. Use the Visa Prepaid Debit card details in the app to pay online or by phone.


Overall, Optus has really revolutionised the cardless and cashless way of life. By using these nifty gadgets like the Pay Band & Smart Cup, we can now shop seamlessly without interfering and compensating for function over style. My favourite out of the 4 accessories has got to be the Pay Band. It is sleek and stylish and very lightweight which is perfect for when I want to go on a run and then grab a coffee. Or if you have a Fitbit or apple watch, you can slip the pay tag on the band and off you go.

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Optus, all views and opinions are my own.

Getting into the GoPro way of life

I have been using my little GoPro since my trip to Heron Island, and let me tell you, I am hooked! The perfect pocket size accessory that helps capture any experience.

The team at Lampoon Group invited me to the #GoProGirl event at Bondi Icebergs, to help with educating us and to capture that perfect shot or film.

I have the GoPro Silver Hero 4, with a variety of attachments (dog fetch mount being one of #thesausagebrothers favourite!)

I am honoured to be apart of such a great bunch of talented people, be it athletes, bloggers, photographers or just simply creative minds who make up the #GoPro family.