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Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks

My Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks Recipe – the perfect nutritious Summer treat

This healthy watermelon ice blocks recipe is perfect for those fussy eaters (kids or adults) who simply refuse to eat their greens. I for one, have an extremely fussy father in-law who is completely old school, avidly avoids my cooking when he knows he will be staying the night. To put things in perspective, the “weird green stuff” never gets eaten and my dogs are always left to help hide the evidence of his inability to devour nutritious food.

Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks Recipe

I am always on the hunt for ways to disguise healthy food. Enter, my healthy watermelon ice blocks – father in law approved!

Summer has well and truly hit Australia! So, what better way to celebrate the warm balmy nights ahead of us, than to create some seriously delicious and healthy super green watermelon ice blocks!

My secret weapon? No it isn’t blending kale until you can’t taste it, and no it isn’t going to the supermarket and spending hundreds of dollars on ingredients.

Using just a few ingredients, each ice block has over 18 servings of vegetables and your fussy eaters will not be the wiser.

Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks Ready To Go

I have used Nature’s Way SuperFoods Greens + and Greens + Wild Reds (click here) which are packed full of antioxidants and nutrient dense superfoods. Perfect for those busy bodies who want those essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, in one hit.

By using just a touch of sweetened coconut milk it gives the Ice Block that touch of creaminess as well.

Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks Ready For Summer
Healthy Watermelon Ice Blocks Ready For Summer

Watermelon Ice Blocks Recipe


Watermelon Layer

½ of a watermelon quarter (scooped out and deseeded)
500ml H2Melon or opt for water and more watermelon above
60g Nature’s Way Greens + Wild Reds* can omit if you don’t have!

Coconut Layer

1 can of organic coconut milk
1 tablespoon rice malt syrup

Green Layer

30g Nature’s Way Greens Plus (tropical flavour) or any form of greens powder!
300ml Coconut Water


1st layer:

  1. In a blender, blitz all of the watermelon layer ingredients. Once blended, fill the ice block moulds until approx ¾ of the way full.
  2. Leave to set in freezer for 2-3 hours.

2nd layer:

  1. In a bowl, stir in ingredients.
  2. Pour on top of the watermelon layer, half way of the remaining space.

3rd layer:

  1. In a bowl / or blender, mix the ingredients together. Taste, and if too strong, dilute with coconut water.
  2. Pour on top of the coconut layer and leave to set overnight.


I used cacao nibs for the ‘seeds’ however mine seemed to drop down to the bottom! I would suggest leave your watermelon layer to set for 30 mins, then drop them in.

If you like this recipe check out my healthy mango ice blocks recipe here.
Disclaimer: Keira was the Natures Way Superfoods Ambassador, while she is compensated for her posts and recipes, all views and opinions are her own and she regularly uses any product that she writes about.

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  1. my god these look so bloody good!!! Where did you get the moulds from?

    1. Hi Sarah!
      I found them on http://www.biome.com.au/469-stainless-steel-homewares

      So easy to clean too!
      K x

  2. What would you use if you couldn’t get the watermelon water?

    1. Hey Sinead!
      You could use coconut water, or blend up more watermelon and strain
      K x

  3. Delicious!! Where did you get those moulds from?

    1. Hi Gina,

      I got them from http://www.biome.com.au/469-stainless-steel-homewares
      So easy to clean too!

      K x

  4. Hi!! is the super greens safe for toddlers?

    1. Hi Tamara,

      I do believe so! There isn’t anything nasty in the product – perhaps try a half dose?

      K x

  5. These are perfect for summer – yummy!! Looks so delicious – you have amazing talent!

  6. So I don’t know if I should be thanking you or annoyed at you! My kids now are OBSESSED with me making the watermelon iceblocks like you do! If i just put in watermelon and no greens they become fussy because it isn’t like the first batch I made! hahaha – but thank you I think is in order as my toddlers LOVE this healthy snack – better than zooperdoopers!

    1. Hey Melinda!
      Hahaha this made me laugh!!
      I am glad they love this recipe! It is the perfect sneaky healthy treat for bots!
      K x

  7. I doubt mine will look like this but I am going to give them a go. yummmmm

    1. Hey Anita,

      Yes give them a go! Easier than I thought to make them look pretty! xx

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