Benefit x The Upside

Benefit x The Upside

When I received an invite in the mail for a morning full of yoga and then a Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, I couldn’t help but feel excited.


Benefit x The Upside teamed up for a morning of relaxation, laughter and most of all, a flawless filter free event.


I honestly couldn’t have planned it better, the weather (amidst one of Sydney’s worst weeks of rain in quite sometime) the sun came out, the yoga class by none other than Kate from Flow Athletic in Paddington was actually a little tough (hadn’t stretched from a workout the day before! Whoooops) but nonetheless it was relaxing. Then it was off to the bridge for a harbour climb.


Here are some snaps from the day!


A big thanks to both Benefit & The Upside for organising such a fab filter free morning.


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